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2020/3/26 3:03:56

  这里有 15 本人工智能领域的免费精选电子书。感谢下面列表中的所有作者/出版社,他们公开地提供了这些资源,支持免费教育。

  Computers and Thought: A practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  Author/s: Mike Sharples, et al.

  Publisher: A Bradford Book, 1989

  The purpose of this text is to help readers with small or no background in computing to cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI). It focuses on the psychological, philosophical and social effects of artificial intelligence.

  计算机与思想: 实例介绍人工智能

  作者:Mike Sharples 等

  出版社: A Bradford Book, 1989


  Virtual Reality: Human Computer Interaction

  Author/s: Xin-Xing Tang (ed.)

  Publisher: InTech, 2012

  Virtual reality has a major effect on information organization and management and even changes design principle of information systems, which will make it adapt to application requirements. The book aims to provide a broader perspective of virtual reality.

  虚拟现实: 人机交互

  作者: Xin-Xing Tang (编辑)

  出版社: InTech, 2012


  The Age of Intelligent Machines

  Author/s: Ray Kurzweil

  Publisher: The MIT Press, 1992

  The author of the book Raymond Kurzweil, a visionary computer scientist discusses the past, present, and future scenario and scope of artificial intelligence starting right from its initial philosophical and mathematical roots to tempting glimpses of 21st-century machines with superior intelligence.


  作者: Ray Kurzweil

  出版社: The MIT Press, 1992

  本书作者 Raymond Kurzweil 是一位有远见的计算机科学家,讨论了人工智能的过去、现在和未来以及范围,从人工智能最初哲学、数学根基开始,一直到二十一世纪高级智能机器的诱人一瞥。

  Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents

  Author/s: David Poole, Alan Mackworth

  Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2010

  The book talks about the science of artificial intelligence, it brings out AI as the study of designing the intelligent computational agents. Structured as a textbook, this book serves to a wide variety of readers including professionals and researchers.


  作者: David Poole, Alan Mackworth

  出版社: Cambridge University Press, 2010


  Mathematical Linguistics

  Author/s: Andras Kornai

  Publisher: Springer, 2010

  The book intends to introduce the mathematical foundations of linguistics into computer science, engineering, and mathematics. The book projects linguistics as a progressive body of knowledge from the ground up. It does not requires the users to have any prior knowledge about linguistics.


  作者: Andras Kornai

  出版社: Springer, 2010


  Fault Detection

  Author/s: Wei Zhang

  Publisher: InTech, 2010

  Fault diagnosis technology is a synthetic technology, which relates to several subjects: modern control theory, reliability theory, mathematical statistics, fussy set theory, information handling, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.


  作者: Wei Zhang

  出版社: InTech, 2010


  Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations

  Author/s: Yoav Shoham, Kevin Leyton-Brown

  Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2008

  Multi-agent systems consist of multiple autonomous entities having different information and diverging interests. This comprehensive introduction to the field offers a computer science perspective, but also draws on ideas from game theory.


  作者: Yoav Shoham, Kevin Leyton-Brown

  出版社: Cambridge University Press, 2008


  Ambient Intelligence

  Author/s: Felix Jesus Villanueva Molina

  Publisher: InTech, 2010

  In this book we analyze a selection of open problems which we consider the key ones in order to let ambient intelligence become a reality. This book provides the reader with a good idea about the current research lines in ambient intelligence.


  作者: Felix Jesus Villanueva Molina

  出版社: InTech, 2010


  Self-Organizing Maps

  Author/s: George K Matsopoulos

  Publisher: InTech, 2010

  Contents: Learning the Number of Clusters in Self Organizing Map; Neural-Network Enhanced Visualization of High-Dimensional Data; SOM-based Applications in Remote Sensing; Segmentation of Satellite Images Using SOM; Face Recognition Using SOM; etc


  作者: George K Matsopoulos

  出版社: InTech, 2010


  Autonomous Agents

  Author/s: Vedran Kordic

  Publisher: InTech, 2010

  The field of multi agent systems investigates the process underlying distributed problem solving and designs some protocols and mechanisms involved in this process. This book presents an overview of the research issues in the field of multi agents.


  作者: Vedran Kordic

  出版社: InTech, 2010


  Artificial Intelligence – Agents and Environments

  Author/s: William John Teahan

  Publisher: BookBoon, 2010

  This book is the first in a series on Artificial Intelligence. It provides an introduction to the topic with an emphasis on the use of agent-oriented design. Topics include agents, environments, agent movement, and agent embodiment.


  作者: William John Teahan

  出版社: BookBoon, 2010

  本书是人工智能丛书的第一辑。它介绍了这个主题,强调了使用 agent 导向的设计。主题包括 agent、环境、agent movement 和 agent embodiment。

  The Quest for Artificial Intelligence

  Author/s: Nils J. Nilsson

  Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2009

  Artificial intelligence is a field within computer science that is attempting to build enhanced intelligence into computer systems. This book traces the history of the subject, from the eighteenth-century pioneers to the work of today-s AI engineers.


  作者: Nils J. Nilsson

  出版社: Cambridge University Press, 2009


  Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics

  Author/s: Al-Dahoud Ali

  Publisher: InTech, 2010

  This book will take its readers on a stunning voyage of computational intelligence heuristics research and applications. Computational intelligence techniques are covered, ranging from neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, etc.


  作者: Al-Dahoud Ali

  出版社: InTech, 2010


  Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction

  Author/s: Edward Tsang

  Publisher: Academic Press, 1993

  This book was the first attempt to define the field of constraint satisfaction. It covers both the theoretical and the implementation aspects of the subject. It provides a framework for studying this field and relates different research.


  作者: Edward Tsang

  出版社: Academic Press, 1993


  Swarm Intelligence: Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization

  Author/s: Felix T.S. Chan, Manoj K. Tiwari

  Publisher: InTech, 2007

  Motivated by the capability of the biologically inspired algorithms, the book aims to present recent developments in optimization with swarm intelligence techniques. The book also presents some selected representative case studies.


  作者: Felix T.S. Chan, Manoj K. Tiwari

  出版社: InTech, 2007


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